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What To Do After An Accident

If you were in an accident involving a vehicle or more than one vehicle, and you were injured, immediately call the police. Do not try to flag down a patrol car or an officer you happen to see on the road. More than likely, or, nearly always, that officer is at the location for some other reason and will not want to make an accident report. You should get on the phone and call 911 to report an accident with injuries.

You should obtain the driver's license (if driver) and/or ID and the insurance information of the other people, whether driver(s), passenger(s), witnesses. You should take photos of any vehicle involved, especially of the damaged areas.

You should seek medical treatments as soon as possible.

You should NOT speak to the representatives of the other people (whether driver or anyone who was responsible for the accident or who may accuse you of being responsible for the accident), especially, especially, especially the insurance company representatives of the other people. Do not think that insurance companies make zillions of dollars because they want to help you. Insurance companies make billions of dollars by minimizing or preventing payouts to injured people while you, your friends and family and I have been dutifully paying the monthly premiums for years. Insurer representatives have lied to many of my clients before these clients finally saw the light and decided to hire an attorney after being jerked around by insurance companies.

Our office provides a free consultation. So, feel free to call us if you have questions. 

You will owe no attorney's fees unless we obtain a judgment or settlement for you.

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